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Order of Merit

Facts an figures you probably didn't know about Norseman triathlon.
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  • 529 individuals from 23 countries on 5 continents are Norseman finishers?
  • 35 women and 466 men have earned the black finisher shirt?
  • 5 women and 28 men have white finisher shirt?
  • 7 people have both black and white finshers?
  • besides Norway, most finishers are coming from UK (70), Germany (45) and France (17)?
  • 96% of those who have challenged the Norseman course have beaten it?
  • 3 individuals have finished all 6 Norseman Extreme Triathlon?
  • the "5-time-finisher"-club has 5 members, and 19 candidate members (4-time finishers)?
  • the "5-time-finisher"-club might have its first female member in 2009?
  • 117 individuals have finished the race more than once?
  • the finishers have family names starting with all letters except Q, X and Æ (norwegian letter)?
  • fastest female finisher ranks 44th overall?
  • fastest ever finish is 10.30.09?
  • slowest ever finish is 22.05.20?
  • 24 men have finsihed in 12 hours or less?

These and a million more facts and figures can be read out of our "Order of Merit" database. You find the complete "database" (Excel worksheet) here. Feel free to play around with it, and report any errors to us.

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