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Course and map

Measurement doc

Course description and profile, with service station info.


  • 3.8km in the Hardangerfjord. In recent years, the water temperature at the starting point on race morning has been between 13 and 15 degrees Celsius. 
  • Wetsuits are mandatory.
  • The swim begins with a water start, after athletes exit the ferry.


  • 180km from Eidfjord at the Hardangerfjord; on National Road 7, up Måbødalen, across Hardangervidda to Geilo; National Road 40 across Dagalifjell to Uvdal, county roads over Imingfjell to Tessungdalen.
  • Transition zone (T2) is in Austbygde at Tinnsjøen.


42.2 kilometers from Austbygde towards Rjukan, to the peak of Gaustatoppen. The first 25km are reasonably flat, while the next 17.2km are a consistently steep climb up to 1850m. The first 37.5km are on tarmac; the final stretch to the peak is on a rocky path.

Total distance: 226 kilometers. (140.4 miles)


Download this map here or check out the Google Maps version (where you also can download a Google Earth map)


This shows meters above water on the left, per km on the bottom. Yes, this is in meters, the course is rather hilly.

The distance is accurate!

The Norseman course has been accurately measured with the support of Kondis (Norwegian Road Runners' Society). Bike leg: 179,956 meters. The run: 37,413 meters from T2 to the mountain check point at Stavsro. Plus 4,752 meters from Stavsro to Mt Gaustatoppen. Total 42,165 meters.

Above: Transcript of the measurement.

Information about the different legs

No service stations during the bike leg

Parking capacity on the bike leg is very limited. The roads are narrow and cannot accommodate many support cars parked side by side at the same time.

Service stations during the marathon leg

No permanent support stations are available during the first 25km of the marathon, but there are some water stations, toilets and mobile support from Red Cross. There are food stations up Zombie hill.

Mountain safety checkpoint at Stavsro

After 37.5 kilometers of the run, you leave the tarmac road and enter a stretch of rocky mountain path for the final 4.7 kilometers of the race. There is risk of extreme weather on the mountain. We therefore have a special checkpoint to ensure that:

  • You are fit to continue on to the finish.
  • Both you and your support team have the necessary equipment in your backpacks, including warm clothes, food and drink. You are required to carry your own equipment.
  • No athlete will be permitted to enter the mountain alone! If your support team is unable to accompany you to the top of the mountain, you will be held back and connected with the next athlete to arrive. 
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