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Support team info

This page contains information specific to the support team. Please also read the Race Manual that you will need to co-sign together with the athlete before permission to start is given.

The Norseman cannot be compared to any other iron-distance competition. The travel through fabulous Norwegian nature is a unique and unforgettable experience, but not without risk for the competitor. Having your own support is absolutely necessary to participate. Competitors are dependent on receiving support from the support team throughout the race. Two competitors may only share support personnel if they complete the entire race together. Besides being a necessity for security purposes, the support team is an important part of the Norseman atmosphere and experience. The support team creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Finishing Norseman is a victory that should be shared with family and friends. We often hear the support team being just as enthusiastic about the Norseman weekend as the competitor, claiming that the experience was exciting and fun and strengthened friendship or family bands.

Strong words....experience for yourself!

At least one person in a support team 

  • must be able to communicate with the Norseman organization in English or Norwegian.
  • must wear the Norseman wristband and support t-shirt when entering the transition zones to pick up equipment.
  • must be available on mobile phone throughout the race and until Sunday evening, 6pm.

The support vehicle

  • must carry stickers with the Norseman logo and the start number of the competitor on top right corner of the windshield and in the rear window.
  • The support vehicle must follow traffic rules and posted speed limits and never drive directly behind or in front of the biker. This may lead to dangerous traffic situations.
  • The car must always be parked off of the road.
  • All support must be given from outside of the car and never through a car window.
  • Support may be provided during the entire bike leg.
  • Competitors may not sit in the car at any time during the race, even if the car is parked.
  • The support person may only pick up competitor’s equipment in the transition zones when wearing the Norseman wristband and support t-shirt.

Main support rules

Breaking the rules above may lead to penalty or disqualification of the competitor

Keep the Norseman wristband, the Norseman phone card and your mobile phone with you during the entire race.

 Race guide for support:

The Eidfjord Mini Triathlon (on 3. August)

In this little informal triathlon everyone can attend, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to compete yourselves. You can even form a team with a swimmer, a biker and a runner. Everyone from 12 years old and up may participate. It is great fun! If you’re not racing, join the cheering crowd!  Starts at 7pm.

Eidfjord is a small but very nice place.
 There is no shop in Eidfjord that keeps any spare parts for bicycles. Make sure you bring all the technical stuff you need.


Go to the ferry

You will find it a magical experience to accompany your athlete to the ferry. The ferry will blow the horn for swim start. Depending on the size of the ferry we may allow a limited number of support crews onboard. Stay and cheer.

Clear the transition zone

After your athlete has left on the bike we ask you to pick up the wetsuit and other equipment.

The bike leg

The first 30 km - Måbødalen

You have to drive through the tunnels and will not be able to provide support, and it should not be necessary either. You have time to check out of the hotel and pack the car before leaving. Even a fast biker will not get to “Dyranut” (40 km) in less than 90 minutes.

Breakfast at Dyranut

Breakfast is served at a reasonable price for the support team at Dyranut. Eating here is a social happening and highly recommended. There are not many other places to stop and eat along the road. Your competitor might want warmer clothes at this point. It is usually cold and windy on the Hardanger mountain plateau.

Support zones

During the bike leg you are allowed to give your competitor support at any point but you must park and leave the car on the side of the road. Please mind the other competitors and the traffic behind you! Technical support is allowed when needed. Inform the race office of any change of bike or wheels. 

Don’t miss the three right turns!

There are few possibilities to go wrong on the bike leg, but be aware of three right turns. In the middle of Geilo (90 km) Towards Imingfjell (135 km) In Austbygde before T2 (179 km)

Shopping opportunities in Geilo

The town of Geilo is located after 90 kilometers of the bike leg. This is the only place where you will find several stores during the bike leg. A grocery store, some food courts, plus some souvenirs are available here.

Be aware of dangerous descents

Drive carefully on the steep descents, particularly down from Imingfjell. The view is spectacular at times, but focus on driving and be aware of competitors biking at high speed. 

Arriving at T2

The transition zone after the bike leg (T2) is in the little town of “Austbygde”. During the bike leg, you should leave your competitor at the top of the last mountain (Imingfjell) and go directly to the transition zone in Austbygde. You might have to walk as far as 1 kilometer if parking is a problem. T2 is located by the beach at lake “Tinnsjøen.” Remember to bring the bike and all the competitor’s equipment along when leaving T2.

The run leg

Support during the first 25 km of the run

You are allowed to pick up food and drink for your competitor at the food station in T2 and bring it along. There is also a grocery shop in “Attrå” after 4 kilometers of the run. This is the last place to shop for food unless you drive into the city centre of Rjukan. There will be limited mobile support along the road, but no food stations between T2 and 25km.

Support from 25 to 37 km

The steep uphills towards Gaustatoppen start at 25km. There are food stations at 25km, 32.5km and 37.5km. If an athlete appears dizzy or mentally depressed, he/she may be low on salt. Pick up salt tablets or salt meat at the food stations.  The road uphill is narrow, and there will be few places to park the car. Do not feel tempted to park illegally or give support through the car window.

Cutoff and health check point

If allowed to pass the cutoff point at 32.5km, you should leave your competitor after approximately 35km of the run and drive directly to the mountain checkpoint (Stavsro). You might have to walk as far as 1 kilometer if you arrive at a crowded time.

Cutoff at 37.5km, the mountain checkpoint, at 15 hours, 30 minutes and the last 4.7 km to Gaustatoppen.

At this point you will need to have your competitors and your own backpack ready. The contents will be checked by the Norseman Crew, and competitors will not be allowed to leave if the contents are not correct. Backpacks should contain at least:

  • Food (2 slices of bread/2 energy bars/ bananas)
  • Drink (at least 0.75 liters)
  • Mobile phone
  • Headlight
  • Dry and warm clothes including long pants and wind-proof jacket
  • Gloves and a woolen hat
  • Cash for the cafeteria

Don’t forget that you also have to be dressed and ready to enter the mountain. You are not allowed to carry the competitor`s backpack!

Remember that you will have to walk back down again and it may take 3-4 hours before you are back at your car. Bring a flashlight for the walk back down, and a camera for your private finisher photos. Your competitor is not allowed to enter the mountain alone. If you are not able to follow your competitor onto the mountain, your competitor must be connected with another competitor and support team before leaving the mountain checkpoint.

Finish at Gaustatoppen

Check that your athlete eats, drinks and puts on warm, dry clothes after crossing the finish line. Don’t forget photos. We will serve soup to the contestants at the top, and you can buy food at the cafeteria.

Always report to the crew before leaving the top!

We will make sure that nobody walks back alone and that you are equipped in case of cold and darkness. As a general rule, you will NOT be able to follow your competitor into the lift due to the limited capacity of the lift. You will have to walk down, which takes about 1.5 hours. The toughest competitors can walk down together with their support team but must always be checked by the medical crew first. In case we suspect somebody is lost on the mountain we will immediately start a search, but please don’t take any chances.

Pick up the competitor at the lift.

When you arrive back down at your car, drive directly to the lift to pick up your contestant. It is a 3km drive back along the road from Stavsro and to the left.

Finish at Gaustablikk hotel (white T-shirt)

There are no food stations along the road and support crews will need to take care of their competitor. A tip is to park at the hotel and walk/run with the competitor on the last loop. For the last competitors it will eventually turn dark and it is necessary to bring flashlights.

Buffet at Gaustablikk

The evening buffet is located at the Gaustablikk hotel, is open for everyone, and lasts from 8 pm to 1.30 am.


Even the support team members have had an extremely long, hard day. You may feel high on adrenalin after an exciting experience and fresh from cool mountain air, but this may change quickly while driving and you may become dangerously tired. Stay the night. Besides, nobody should miss the finisher ceremony!

Thank you for taking care of a Norseman competitor.

We could not have arranged Norseman without you!

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